How to Control Termite Infestations

Termites are harmful pests found across the entire world and whose effects when not managed can bring down a whole palace, home or commercial center. Small as they may look, the pests have had adverse effects on numerous buildings whether small or big. Any sign of termite infestation in a home should be quickly acted upon unless one is ready to lose their home just like that to those simple creatures. Indicators or signs of termite infestations in a building may include the mud they leave behind after destroying property, hollow woods or timber, difficult to open doors and windows resulting from the mud they produce among others. There are various ways of controlling the termite infestation at home without hiring a professional. see how to check for termites yourself

Moisture is the greatest factor that attracts the termites. Minimizing water lying around the house is the first step to managing termites. The house owner and occupants should ensure that all leaking water pipes, faucets, sinks and any other relevant items around the house are fixed and functioning well. This strategy minimizes the chances of any termites surviving by the creation of a dry environment which is not conducive for the pests to live in.

Keeping away any sprinklers that make the surrounding moist is another strategy of keeping the termites away from the household. Any sneaky and soggy wood should be thoroughly dried and stored away from the ground. Treating the wood to be used around the household is also essential.

The house owner should also make use of pesticides suitable for termite treatment and management. Spraying the chemicals all around the household destroys the pests and prevents more from coming anywhere near the house. 

how to check for termites in walls

Termite tenting is another strategy of treating and managing the pests around the house. It is the most effective and appropriate for dry wood termites. The method entails trapping some toxic fumes into the household and eventually using it to destroy the whole group of the pests. It is the most effective method of termite eradication although it is relatively costly than all the others. It is the best in its class.

Other techniques entail the natural methods of termite treatment and control such as the Boric acid and orange oil. The person applying these methods has to be very careful since they can be toxic especially to kids when used in high amounts. The orange oil is less toxic and usually appropriate for dry wood termites while the boric acid is can be used during the property construction as a preventive measure.